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Current marine safety policy concerning rip currents has not been updated since conception circa early ‘1960s. Rip current policy needs to be modernized to a simpler more effective way to escape rip currents: “The Willis Way” a method to escape rip currents so dependable experienced big wave surfers trust and depend on it, yet so simple even a 5 year old can understand. To escape a rip current : Stay Calm and swim towards the nearest waves. Ocean waves are natures escalator of energy moving towards the shore. Rip currents are natures escalator or energy going away from shore and returning to the sea. While we applaud N.O.A.A. for creating a much needed policy at the time, knowledge and understanding of ocean energy and currents has increased and needs to be updated and shared. Help make the worlds beaches safer for swimmers by adapting” The Willis Way” and make” The Willis Way” as commonly known as the” Heimlich maneuver.” Thank you, blessings and respect, milton willis, michael willis, Willis bros. surfing

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